• Vacuum packed high quality laboratory cover glass

    Vacuum packed high quality laboratory cover glass

    1. The cover glass is covered on the material on the glass slide,

    2. Can avoid liquid contact with the objective lens, does not pollute the objective lens,

    3. Can make the top of the observed cells in the same plane, that is, the same distance from the objective lens, so that the observed image is clearer

  • Ordinary Plain microscope slides were used in the laboratory

    Ordinary Plain microscope slides were used in the laboratory

    1. Made of soda lime glass,float glass and super white glass

    2. Dimensions: approx. 76 x 26 mm,25x75mm,25.4×76.2mm(1″x3″)

    3. Special size requirement based on your needs are acceptable ,thickness: approx. 1 mm (tol. ± 0.05 mm)

    4. Hamfered corners reduce the risk of injury ,suitable for application in automatic machinery pre-cleaned and ready for use

  • Frosted Microscope Slides

    Frosted Microscope Slides

    The BENOYlab FROSTED microscope slides are chemical treated with a 20mm wide smooth frosted end on one side or both sides.Slide marking area pens can be written on it.Available with your choice of ground,unground edges or beveled edges,corner stype:45°or  90°corners.

  • Concave Microscope Slides

    Concave Microscope Slides

    The BENOYlab concave microscope slides are ideal for holding liquid and cultures for microscope examination.They are offered single or double concaves,ground edges and 45° corners. Concaves are 14-18mm diameter with 0.2-0.4mm depth. Two style are available:single and double concave.

  • Adhesive Microscope Slides

    Adhesive Microscope Slides

    The BENOYlab adhesive microscope slides are packed in high quality plastic box and double cellophane wrapped to protect against moisture and foreigh particles.

    BENOYlab slides have a printed area of 20 mm which can take notes printed by most types of printers and can be written with permanent markers.

  • Microscope Slides With Circles

    Microscope Slides With Circles

    The BENOYlab microscope slides with circles for use in cytocentrifuges also with white circles,these serve as a microscope help for an easier finding of the centrifuged cells.

    BENOYlab have a printed area with 20mm wide bright,attractive colors on one end one side.The color area can be marked with the conventional labeling system,pencil or mark pens.